Posada El Encanto, "A project of life ... a lifestyle".

Leave home and find a place like home is the desire of every traveler who seeks a new destination, rest, comfort and serenity. If you venture on this quest, let us guide you ... In the heart of central-western Venezuela, Lara State, only 66 km from Barquisimeto, you may find your dream, the oasis in the path of the traveler...


…The Posada El Encanto, love, beauty and exclusive dedication.


Rooted in family love, El Encanto has grown amid the mountains next to the magic of a mythical Unicorn. Treats its visitors to respect the environment by providing an inspiring example of coexistence of family integration that combines splendor in the gesture of care and finesse. A CHARMING Posada, without doubt, will allow the reunion with life, with the best, with the opportunity to experience the renovation of yours senses.


La Posada El Encanto ... the place you long after your home ... a place where you will want and be welcome.

Manuel Saavedra.